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Developer & Content Creator

Professionally, I'm a developer. Having begun solving and completing coding challenges from a young age, I evolved to have other interests and hobbies such as Magic, Photography and Videography.

  • Age: 24
  • Degree: Batchelors with Honours, First Class
  • Email: amritSingh_28@yahoo.co.uk

Having been born in India and raised in the UK, I have developed an appreciation for different cultures. As a result, I take any opportunities to explore and travel the world. This is why it was so clear for me to choose to study abroad when selecting my degree program. Despite all the difficulties the pandemic introduced, I persevered and got myself to South Korea. This gives me the perfect chance to explore a whole new culture, develop myself as a person and make friends and connections from around the world simultaneously.

This said, I am not done. I would love to travel the world as part of my career. I will excel in the areas and activities that I am most interested in.

Skills & Confidence

Python 100%
Git 90%
Jenkins 80%
HTML, CSS and JS 80%
Premier Pro 60%
Go 100%
Linux 85%
Swagger 80%
Photoshop 70%
C#, C++ 60%
Java 100%
Robot Framework 85%
Bash/Shell Script 80%
PHP 70%
React 55%




Video Games


PC Building




Photo editing


Product and Graphics Design



Amrit is very hard working and is someone who pays great attention to detail.

Dr Usman Naeem

Senior Lecturer, EECS QMUL

I instructed Amrit in the Software Engineering and the SE Group project courses. He was unquestionably an able student, his work in the class consistently reflected a high level of competence in Software Engineering. He also helped me as a Teaching assistant in both modules. During the conduct of this work, I found that he has a strong work ethic. I was very pleased with his commitment and his professionalism.

Mustafa Bozkurt, PhD

Lecturer in Software Engineering, EECS QMUL

Amrit Singh is without doubt one of the most advanced students I’ve supervised projects for. He worked on advanced search methods for the turn-based strategy game Tribes. This was a research project that entailed understanding of abstract and complex algorithms and the right research skills for performing literature review, experimentation, and analysis. He was able to rapidly get up to speed with the project, understand and implement the algorithms required and start the experimentation work. For the full testimonial, Click Here

Dr Diego Pérez-Liébana

Senior Lecturer in Computer Games and Artificial Intelligence


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Amrit Singh

Ambitions and goal-driven, I never back down from a challenge. With 7 years of professional experience, I am highly capable of working on a problem. Whether it be on my own or in a team.


Bachelor of Science with Honours - Computer Science with Year Abroad

2018 - 2022

Queen Mary University of London, UK

University is no ride in the park. Therefore, I am proud to say that I was not only able to do well but thrive at university. I'm very good at meeting deadlines, thinking on my feet and facing changes that I have never seen before head-on. University was also an outlet for me to meet new people and try new things that I otherwise wouldn't be able to. My university transcript is available here.

Year Abroad

2021 - 2022

Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

I spent the better part of the year studying, exploring and living in South Korea. This was all due to my home university allowing me to participate in a student exchange program at SNU(Seoul National University). This opportunity was the first time I was away from home for an extended period of time and quite honestly, it was a life-changing experience. I have countless stories and anecdotes from my time in Korea that I will never forget and would love to talk about.

A-Levels & GCSE's

2011 - 2018

Greenford High School, London

Although less relevant now, my A-Levels and GCSE's are a good way to see that I have always taken my work seriously. At A-Level's I achieved A*AB. I must say I was slightly disappointed with the B but this still isn't a bad grade. (Also achieved an A at AS level for Computer Science) In high school, I attained 13 GCSE's A*-C. One may say, I've always been the "Work hard, Play hard" type of person.


I also have two BTEC Level 2 Diplomas in "Aviation Studies" and "Teamwork and Personal Development". These were achieved in the Air Cadet Forces.

Professional Experience

Software Engineer - Civil Service

2023 - Present

More information available on request

Product tester, Developer and Trainer

2017 - 2023


  • Led the creation of high-quality learning materials for Python courses, ensuring comprehensive education delivery to students and employees alike.
  • Developed and showcased demo Python code to support the functionality of Raspberry Pi-related products, enhancing product understanding and usability.
  • Conducted thorough code assessments and provided constructive feedback to facilitate continuous improvement and development of products.


2020 - 2023

Wild Playing Cards is a shared brand a friend and I created during the pandemic. You can check out the brands website here.

  • Orchestrated the establishment and growth of a successful entrepreneurial venture during the pandemic, overseeing all aspects from inception to fruition.
  • Provided strategic guidance and consultation to clients while effectively managing tasks and delegating responsibilities to employees.
  • Executed targeted marketing campaigns and distributed promotional materials to expand market reach and drive product awareness and sales.

President of QMUL Magic Circle

2019 - 2021

This was a society at my university that I helped run with roughly 50 members and events that gathered 20-30 people.

  • Designed captivating logos and promotional materials to enhance brand visibility and engagement.
  • Organized and managed a variety of events to ensure an enjoyable and enriching experience for participants.
  • Collaborated with the treasurer to maintain financial integrity and deliver top-tier training experiences.
  • Offered unwavering support to the university society, ensuring successful event execution and member satisfaction.


I have had many teaching opportunities that I have always taken. This started at 6-forum when I became a teaching assistant to my math teachers for their GCSE classes. I then carried on to tutor Maths and Computer Science online using a site called "My Tutor". I also jumped at the opportunity to become a TA(Teaching Assistant)/demonstrator for the modules I had done at University. These modules include: Procedural Programming, Object Orientated Programming, Fundamentals of Web Technology, Software Engineering projects and Database Systems.

The reason I started and enjoy teaching was due to one little quote my A-Level maths teacher told me: "The best way to learn is to teach".


My Portfolio - click a project to see more details!


Online Evolutionary Programing and Evolutionary MCTS for Turn-Based, Multi-Action Games

EO Dashboard Hackathon

Hackathon participated and achived 2 awards

University - Year 3

Image Processing

Java program to perform basic image altering tasks.

Game Development

Unity Game made in C#

Big Data Processing

How to deal with large amounts of data

University - Year 2

Graphical User Interface

Using React to build an application

Software Engineering

Online Examination Application

University - Year 1

Java Programming

Object Orientated Programming and Procedural Programming

Web Development

Fundimentals of Web Technologies

Photography Portfolio

My Works - Every Picture has a Story

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