Project information

This was the game we made for our game development module. As it was a group project, three people worked on this game. The game itself was made in Unity and thus we needed to use C# to code it.

Our original game idea was to make a 3D version of Among us. We were far into completing this game, but we hit a major speed bump. We could not figure out how to make the game multiplayer using unity. We were getting many camera bugs and we just didn't have the time to figure it out, so we decided to restart and use what we have to make a game with 2 weeks remaining. We ended up making a slender man type of game with inspiration from alien isolation.

Admittedly, the final product was not to the standard we hoped it would be due to our decision to restart. We worked endlessly to submit this final product, but we differently showed our skills with coding, file management and our ability to work well in a team.